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From the desk of Dr. Jeanette Cates

Dear Online Business Owner -

You're at a point in your business where you are ready to have other people sell your products. In fact, you've been thinking about, planning for, and getting ready for this for a long time.

BUT - there's just one sticking point - the how-to's. You've looked all over and you cannot find a well-designed, easy-to-follow, step-by-step plan to set up your affiliate program. After all you need to think through some questions like

  • Do I need a one-tier or two-tier program?
  • How often should I pay my affiliates - and does the day of the month matter?
  • What's a good percentage to pay? Does 5 or 10% one way or the other make a difference?
  • How do I find "Super Affiliates" to promote my products?
  • What's a cookie and do I need to drink milk with it?
  • What should be in my Affiliate agreement - and where do I get that?
  • How can I be sure the people who sign up for my program actually promote my products?
  • What kinds of affiliate tools do I need to provide for them to use?
  • Should I pay affiliates on their own purchases as a way to introduce my products?
  • How can I spot fraud in my affiliates that may impact my business?
  • Who is the best affiliate for me - and where do I find them?
  • How do I manage my affiliates once I have my program set up?

and most importantly - how the HECK do I set all of this up?

I've Answered All Of Those Questions For You - In 5 Simple Steps!

I understand your frustration. Not only have I set up multiple affiliate programs for my own business, but for many of my clients. I've seen their stopping points and heard their questions. I know the "gotchas" that reach out and grab you just about the time you think you have it. That's why I've broken down the process to a simple five steps:

  1. Plan your Affiliate Program
  2. Set up the Technology
  3. Provide the Tools for your Affiliates
  4. Educate your Affiliates
  5. Recruit More Affiliates

That's all there is to it! But you know as well as I do that while it sounds simple, it's not as easy as that. And that's why I've created this new program for you.

Introducing The One Hour Affiliate Program - 1SC Version!

Over the last nine years, I have developed and refined many methods that really help my clients set up and manage their affiliate programs. For this program I'll be showing you how to use the 1shopping cart system to manage your affiliate sign-up's, tracking and education. Just a few of the techniques I'll be showing you are:

  • how to set up your affiliate program in the 1ShoppingCart system in 30 minutes - or less
  • how to use a central affiliate center to communicate with your affiliates
  • the exact sequence of educational messages you want to send your affiliates
  • how to choose and install a toolbox of affiliate tools that your affiliates will love and use!
  • the specific pages you need to create before you ever start to set up your program
  • why you want to use affiliate links from your domain - and how to do it!

And so many more step-by-step tactics. My clients have benefitted enormously. And now you can, too!

So Who Is Dr. Jeanette Cates & Why Should
I Follow Her One Hour Plan?

My name is Dr. Jeanette Cates. I've been managing my own affiliate program for more nine years. And not just my program. I've worked with many of my clients to set up their affiliate programs as well, using both the 1shoppingcart system and Clickbank.

Few people are more qualified to share the inside secrets gleaned from many hours of setting up an affiliate program, managing affiliates, and providing the tools and education necessary to move your business along.

You see, I'm an Internet Marketing expert - and I work with clients, ranging from best-selling authors to doctors to speakers to weight loss experts. I help them and their web designers plan their affiliate programs, set them up and use the capabilities of the technology to sell more of their products and services. And until now I've shared this information primarily in a one-to-one environment.

Now You Can Take Advantage Of My Vast Knowledge Of The
1ShoppingCart System And Their Affiliate Program

I have a notebook full of notes and resources - ready to go. I've created a full series of slides and demonstrations to show you exactly how to do what you need to do to finally set up your affiliate program! You'll learn how to

  • customize your affiliate pages so they looks like your websites
  • use a single affiliate program to handle sales fro multiple websites
  • track your affiliates with simple reports
  • provide simple affiliate tools that you can create yourself
  • set up a full Affiliate Toolbox that matches the look and feel of your website
  • provide simple copy-and-paste tools for your "lazy" affiliates
  • keep your affiliates motivated and promoting
  • host a central location for "all things affiliate" in your business
  • communicate more effectively with your affiliates - both the new ones and those who are already working well for you
  • use a variety of techniques to recruit new affiliates
...and more! In fact, I haven't even begun to list all that we're going to cover!

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You'll Love This Unique Format

Obviously this is not a one-hour program. But you CAN set up your affiliate program in the 1shopping cart program in less than an hour. You CAN set up your affiliates' educational autoresponder sequence in less than an HOUR. In fact, anything you want to do with your affiliate program can be done in less than an hour.

And to ensure you get it all done - I've laid out a 7-day program for you - spending just one hour per day - to fully implement your affiliate program. I'll illustrate and review that plan on the video recordings for you.

And just to give you an idea of the type of recordings you'll find inside the password-protected members' site, here's one of the videos:

In fact, here is what some of our recent participants had to say about one of our One Hour programs.

"Jeanette, this format of a 1 hour webinar focusing on all the elements of setting up the specific membership model I'm focused upon is great. Now, I have in one place the checklist, the step by step tutorials, etc. to put it into action fast. Thanks!"

Mynders Glover

"Well presented and definitely appreciate the timely answering of questions rather than "skipping" them to the end...when one may not remember the reason or the question they thought about at the time it arose. Thank you."

Jude Krakowski

Yes! Count Me In

Imagine Having The How-To's You Need At Your Fingertips!

That's exactly what you'll find when you log into the specially-designed Members' Site for the One Hour Affiliate Program.

  • Step-by-Step Videos For Each of the 5 Steps to A Powerful Affiliate Program
  • Just Added! Updates to the program as the technology and knowledge changes!
  • Affiliate Program Planning Blueprint to walk you through each decision you need to make - before you even get involved with the technology - this makes it SO much easier!
  • Checklists for each Multi-step Process
  • Final Checklist to ensure you have all of the parts & pieces working - before you announce your Affiliate program
  • Tips to ensure you recruit and motivate the BEST Affiliates for your products
  • Frequently-Asked-Questions form to get YOUR questions answered
  • FAQs from other participants in the program so that you can expand your knowledge as well
  • An easy-to-use Search feature that helps you locate what you need quickly & painlessly

In fact, take a peek inside the Members' Area:

You'll find it one of the easiest programs you've ever used.

But that's not all! Because it continues to grow! We continue to add new FAQs, new videos and new checklists to the site - based on YOUR input! That's right - from business owners just like you, we get questions all the time about setting up and managing their affiliate program. And all of the answers are right here, in this site.

"I can't believe how much I enjoyed your webinar on Friday, I intended only to stay for one of the segments, but it was so good that I stayed for all of them. I really enjoy your personality and style of teaching."

Lauren Slade

Get These Bonuses - Sign Up Today!

Plus, when you sign up today, I'm going to include three VERY special bonuses.

Bonus 1: Lifetime access to the course. You'll get full access to all of the videos, the checklists, the FAQs - everything! - for as long as you want to use them.

Bonus 2: How To Recruit Super Affiliates. This special report shows what a super affiliate is, what they want and how you can attract them to your affiliate program. Just ONE Super Affiliate can make all the difference in your business!

Bonus 3: Affiliate Tools For Your Affiliates. Anything you do to make your affiliates' lives easier is money in your pocket. So I've included several tools you can pass on to your affiliates.

I'm Ready To Join You!

So how much is a step-by-step, time-saving system like this One Hour course worth to you? I charge $450 per hour for my one-on-one consulting. And you get at least eight hours of my time - just on the initial videos! So right there you have a total value of at least $3600!

But let's look at an even more relevant number - your monthly payment. It's likely you are paying at least $97 per month for the Professional Level of the 1ShoppingCart system that includes the Affiliate Program. If you haven't set up your affiliate program yet - you're wasting nearly half of that money - every month! So in just a few months this One Hour Program will more than pay for itself!

That's why I'm only charging $197 for the full course - and all of the bonuses!

Remember, every day that you don't have affiliates sending sales to you - you're losing money. There's no reason to put this off any longer. NOW is the time to get your program set up and referring business to you. If you want to truly get the return on investment you deserve, you need this information.

Yes! I Want To Set Up My Affiliate Program!

I understand I will get all of the materials for the course including the:

  • Step-by-step videos
  • The Affiliate Program Planing Blueprint
  • Checklists for each of the multi-step processes
  • A Final Checklist to be sure I haven't left out any important details
  • Lifetime access to the course materials inside the password-protected members' area
  • Answers to my questions on setting up and managing my affiliate program
  • ALL of the bonuses

All for one low special price! I understand this price may increase at any time!

Your order will be processed on our Secure Server.

Don't put off your affiliate program another day. Join us for the One Hour Affiliate Program course today and start profiting from that resource you're already paying for.

Jeanette S Cates, PhD
Online Success Expert

P.S. This program will NOT include information on setting up and using the basic 1ShoppingCart program to manage and sell products - that is a totally separate course. But it WILL cover everything you need to run a professional-level affiliate program. Join us!

P.P.S. If you are ready to stop wasting your time and money and get your affiliate program set up and operating more effectively, sign up right now!


"THANK YOU! Thank you, for keeping on point, and following a sequence! Everything made sense, and I know, without a doubt, I can do this!"

Diane Anderson